You want to turn over your stock faster; you need to destock part of your used vehicles.

Talk to our buyers: we probably have an interesting solution to propose.

VO&co also buys used vehicles from distributors or dealers.

We buy 4,000 used vehicles per year in France and throughout Europe.

In most cases, the vehicles are bought from major suppliers: manufacturers, long and short-term hire companies.

Our buying power allows us to buy very large batches.

We also buy used vehicles singly or in small quantities from distributors or dealers.

Our customers are often our suppliers as well: that’s also a real partnership!

Rapid response

You contact our buyers by e-mail or telephone; you describe your requirements and objectives.

You tell us exactly which vehicles to buy, their characteristics, etc.: model, options, equipment, registration date and mileage, repair costs, etc. and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Immediate cash payment

You’ll never have unpleasant surprises with VO&co: once conditions are agreed, we pay cash for used vehicles immediately.

It’s simple, fast and reassuring.