Our Values

A company project based on human factors

VO&co is above all a joint venture conducted by dedicated automobile fans and based on human values: we’re not seeking to do business at all costs but rather to create a win-win partnership with our customers, based on the long term.

An open, innovative view

We place our customers at the centre of our strategy: know you better to serve you better.

Each customer is unique and we try to provide individual responses for both purchases and sales.

A credible and long-lasting partner

We’ve made sure that we have the financial and human resources necessary to complete our project successfully in a sustainable and long-lasting manner.

This is a security guarantee for our customers.

A team of professionals

We are “ex-AutoContact”: the used vehicle is in our DNA. We know the used-vehicle suppliers as well as we know those who market them. It’s this real experience in the trade that we’re putting at your service.

A major actor in the used-vehicle market

Already 4,000 used vehicles per year after 4 years of existence. We’re not the biggest but we’re certainly a significant reference that counts in the marketplace.